The reintroduction of the red squirrel is but the beginning
of a wider rewilding effort being made in Cornwall
— Ferrers Vyvyan


Securing a habitat


Many attempted red squirrel reintroductions in the UK have failed as the habitat has not been completely secured from grey squirrels. Therefore, it has been vital for the Cornwall Red Squirrel Project to work extensively to secure the habitat, free of any resident grey squirrels. Work on the ground on the Lizard began in 2011 and has been ongoing for 8 years so far. As it stands the Lizard is now estimated to be 95% grey squirrel free with most work now being completed on the buffer zone. It is forecast that the habitat will be declared secure and the project will be ready for release by 2020.

The Lizard is currently being patrolled by three full time project rangers. These rangers are meticulously monitoring the proposed release site to ensure that the habitat is suitable for sustaining a new red squirrel colony in Cornwall.

The project is completely funded by donation and grants. You can help the project by becoming a friend of the Cornwall Red Squirrel Project, please click here.