The Cornwall Red Squirrel Project is funded by our membership subscriptions, small grant applications and the generous donations of our supporters, both local and national.

Why Donate to the Cornwall Red Squirrel Project?

By donating to the CRSP, you will be actively contributing to the efforts to secure a future for the red squirrel in England. This is set to be the first red squirrel reintroduction in England so

What we have already achieved.

  • We have been securing a habitat for a red squirrel reintroduction on the Lizard Peninsula since 2011.

  • Today the Lizard is 95% grey squirrel free, which is not only good for a red squirrel reintroduction but also for the wider biodiversity of the Lizard.

  • We now have three breeding pairs of red squirrels in Cornwall and are looking to expand this over the coming year.

  • CRSP work has important scientific relevance. Working together with scientists to greater understand the impacts of grey squirrels and how to tackle them.

The CRSP depends on the generosity of supporters to continue this conservation work. Thank you for your support.

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