About Us

The Cornwall Red Squirrel Project (CRSP) was founded in 2009 by a dedicated committee, whose members wished was to see red squirrels in Cornwall again. The committee had raised enough money by 2011 to appoint a full time Project Co-ordinator, Cornish ecologist and environmental project manager Natasha Collings. 

Once the project was set up Natasha was able to hand over the reins to on the ground grey squirrel rangers, who focus on removing grey squirrels from the Lizard and West Penwith to make the habitat suitable once again for red squirrels. 

The CRSP is supported by the Red Squirrel Survival Trust (registered charity number 1116947) whose Patron is HRH The Prince of Wales, and the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (registered charity number 1112023). These two charities provide scientific and technical support to the project.

Additional scientific advice comes from Dr Craig Shuttleworth, who is famed for his very successful Anglesey Red Squirrel Project, with advice on red squirrel management from Paradise Park Curator David Woolcock.

The project is funded through its membership scheme, private donations from both local and national supporters, and small grant applications. An additional important funding stream are our events, and our annual  fund raising dinner has become something of a "must attend" evening! We also hold evenings where national experts come to talk about red squirrels, for example Dr Craig Shuttleworth spoke at a 2015 evening event, and we are lucky enough to have the national expert on the use of immunocontraceptives in grey squirrels coming for a November 2016 event.

Photograph courtesy of Richard Austin